Month: April 2017


Gifted: Evans, Grace charm audiences

Chemistry between performers can go a long way to help or hurt a movie. Two actors who share good rapport and work together frequently provide an added spark that audiences pick up on, enhancing a film. Actors without chemistry often wreck well-intention projects both critically and commercially. “Gifted,” a film that could easily have been written and produced on the Lifetime Movie Network, is … Read More Gifted: Evans, Grace charm audiences


Going In Style: Heist movie equal parts hits and misses 

There’s nothing terribly wrong with “Going In Style,” the comedy crime caper about aging steel workers who plan a bank heist after being robbed of their pensions. But for a film starring three Academy Award winners, director Zach Braff’s adaptation of the 1979 movie of the same name just feels flat. “Going In Style” is a leisurely stroll through the park rather than the … Read More Going In Style: Heist movie equal parts hits and misses 


The Last Word: Maclaine shines in dramedy

Sometimes you have to look a little harder for quality cinema, especially during months where blockbusters worth the price of admission are few and far between. Often, smaller independent or art-house films provide a bridge in these leaner times. Director Mark Pellington’s “The Last Word” with Shirley MacLaine and Amanda Seyfried is a perfect example of a film audiences may have to go out … Read More The Last Word: Maclaine shines in dramedy