Month: June 2019

The Last Black Man in San Francisco: Relentless vision

Two men share one skateboard as they glide down winding hills in the Bay Area. It’s a beautiful picture wrapped in early morning light, but what’s most striking is how instantly personal the relationship is. Joe Talbot’s Sundance award winning film follows these two men across a changing city in a simple tale that evokes much more than it ever says. A story of … Read More The Last Black Man in San Francisco: Relentless vision

Toy Story 4: To infinity and beyond

Children don’t appreciate kids’ movies. Good writing, top notch animation, quality vocal talent to bring characters to life, these things are unimportant to a child. They just want to be entertained. “Toy Story 4,” the latest feature from Disney-owned Pixar Studios, may not be the most entertaining movie. It’s one heck of a piece of cinema though. After Woody, Buzz Lightyear and the rest … Read More Toy Story 4: To infinity and beyond

Murder Mystery: An unnecessary whodunit?

Perhaps the biggest saving grace about “Murder Mystery,” the latest movie partnership between Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions and Netflix, is that no one will have to pay money to sit in a movie theater to endure 100-plus minutes of subpar cinema. It isn’t just that the production design is simplified to a level that almost none of the crime comedy’s supposedly luxurious foreign … Read More Murder Mystery: An unnecessary whodunit?

Late Night: The headline of my analysis is complacency

Most moviegoers will see acting legend on the big screen this weekend as the head of an organization protecting Earth from aliens in the blockbuster sequel offshoot “Men In Black: International.” Where they should be her, however, is the underappreciated gem “Late Night,” a dramedy that sees Thompson as a late-night talk show host about to get the boot from a new network CEO … Read More Late Night: The headline of my analysis is complacency

Booksmart: Fresh perspective

Once or twice a year, a comedy will come out that has something more on its mind beyond just a quest for cheap laughs. In 2019, that film is “Booksmart,” a nuanced and insightful feature that elevates high school movie tropes to new heights. Written by four women and helmed by veteran actress turned first time director Olivia Wilde, “Booksmart” doesn’t seek to revolutionize … Read More Booksmart: Fresh perspective

Rocketman: Fantastical voyage

Director Dexter Fletcher’s new film is not a biopic of iconic musical genius Sir Elton John. “Rocketman” captures all the fantasy and majesty of John’s enduring legacy in a unique and magical way, cranking up the tunes in a dream-hazed jukebox portrait that lives and breathes the man’s identity without worrying all too much about historical accuracy. Theatricality and performance reign supreme in a … Read More Rocketman: Fantastical voyage