Month: May 2020

Emma: Comedic matters of the heart

Smaller films – like independent features or period dramas – usually require word of mouth to jump start their box office success and get in front of as many eyes as possible. Autumn de Wilde made her feature directorial debut in February with a modest period comedy that was about to take off commercially after early critical success. Then the novel coronavirus pandemic forced … Read More Emma: Comedic matters of the heart

The Rhythm Section: The inner soul of pain

Movie trailers can be a deceptive thing. They can make comedies seem side-splittingly funny even though they used all the good jokes in the ad. Horror flicks can seem scarier in two minutes of previews than 95 minutes of an actual feature. And in some cases, a wily editor can cut together a trailer that changes the genre and intent of a film altogether, … Read More The Rhythm Section: The inner soul of pain

Extraction: Violence in the melodrama

Sam Hargrave’s directorial debut couldn’t have gone much better. The former stunt coordinator and second unit director landed Thor himself, Australian actor Chris Hemsworth to play the film’s lead with a script written by “Avengers: Endgame” co-director Joe Russo. Within its first month, over 90 million people have seen Hargrave’s “Extraction” and a sequel to the Netflix original action thriller has already been greenlit … Read More Extraction: Violence in the melodrama

Arkansas: One too many slashes

When actors make the transition from being in front of the camera to behind it in the director’s chair, the quality of their work can vary greatly depending on not just their talent in a new role on a film set. First time directors may lean on key assistants or department heads to help shape their vision or these actors may want to direct … Read More Arkansas: One too many slashes