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High Flying Bird: High-rise hoop dreams

Characters go one-on-one both on and off the court in director Steven Soderbergh’s new sports drama “High Flying Bird,” though not much basketball’s being played. There’s a ferocity to the head-to-head dialogue in the screenplay from playwright and “Moonlight” creator Tarell Alvin McCraney that seems to mimic intense showdowns Michael Jordan might have had with defenders in his heyday. “High Flying Bird” aggressively attacks … Read More High Flying Bird: High-rise hoop dreams


Velvet Buzzsaw: All art is dangerous

Until recently, buzzworthy films coming out of Robert Redford’s Sundance Film Festival each January took six to eight months to reach a wide audience. A major film studio would snap up a noteworthy indie darling and stash it away from moviegoers until the fall and awards season long after the buzz had died down. The advent of online streaming services has expedited access for … Read More Velvet Buzzsaw: All art is dangerous

Roma: Memories of a childhood

Mexican filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón returns with a stunning, yet melancholic film sure to dazzle audiences who catch his latest work, “Roma,” on the big screen. Dripping in contrast thanks to its harsh black-and-white cinematography, “Roma” is a rich and searing look into Cuarón’s mind through a portrait of his childhood, and yet, chances are you’re never going to get the full “Roma” experience. Purchased … Read More Roma: Memories of a childhood

22 July: Terrorism docudrama chillingly effective

Approaching real terrorism dramatically is difficult subject matter for filmmakers to handle properly. Whether it’s a faithful, authentic retelling like Clint Eastwood’s “The 15:17 To Paris” with the real heroes on screen or a more loose depiction like Peter Berg’s “Patriots Day,” there’s a great deal of care given to what and how the terror of catastrophic events and the terrorists who commit them … Read More 22 July: Terrorism docudrama chillingly effective