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Trainwreck: Schumer, Apatow team for hilarious comedy

Quite likely the year’s top romantic comedy debuted last weekend after receiving much acclaim following an advance screening at this spring’s South by Southwest Film Festival. “Trainwreck,” the mostly auto-biographical feature film debut of comedian Amy Schumer, provides many of the sexually explicit jokes fans of her stand-up comedy love, but with some heart thrown in to provide a nice balance between the hilarity … Read More Trainwreck: Schumer, Apatow team for hilarious comedy

Ted 2: Where’s the humor?

Comedy requires originality. It’s as simple as that. There’s absolutely not a single shred of originality in “Ted 2,” an amalgamation of leftover “Family Guy” setups, hokey premises and half-hearted humor that leaves viewers disappointed from the outset. Honestly, “Ted 2” shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to those who’ve followed the career trajectory of Seth MacFarlane, the mastermind (and vocal talent) behind … Read More Ted 2: Where’s the humor?

Spy: Melissa McCarthy makes comedic comeback

Sookie St. James is making a comeback. The warm, kind-hearted neighbor character played to perfection by comedienne Melissa McCarthy in TV’s “Gilmore Girls” has been largely missing from the rising star’s film credits, while McCarthy has made her name mucking it up in less than savory roles. Her latest adventure, the spoof film “Spy,” is by no means family-friendly entertainment, but continues a step … Read More Spy: Melissa McCarthy makes comedic comeback