There’s been a dearth of family-friendly films this year, and what limited selection there has been is underwhelming to say the least.

Enter a fluffy white, lighthearted balloon robot with a “non-threatening, huggable design” named Baymax to save the day.

Disney’s latest animated release “Big Hero 6,” loosely based on the 1990s Marvel comic book series is a heart-warming tale about love and loss, masked as a superhero origin tale.

There’s not much original or inventive about the film’s plot, which sees a group of tech-geek teens overcome the death of a brother and friend to become a crime-fighting vigilante group. On its own, the film would just be another mediocre entry into the family film genre.

Baymax, a health-care robot created by main character Hiro’s older brother, brings “Big Hero 6” out of its lackluster shell and reveals the soft and compelling underbelly of the film.

Voiced by veteran comedic character actor Scott Adsit of “30 Rock” fame, Baymax shines brightest as his limited ability to comprehend modern jargon like “fist bump” and inability to harm others make him an unlikely candidate to become a super hero.

The visuals of “Big Hero 6” are on point for the most part, though only a few action sequences will blow viewers away, but that’s not the reason for seeing the film.

Like the Minions of “Despicable Me,” the whole reason for viewers to see “Big Hero 6” is for the light-hearted humor of Baymax, well demonstrated in the film’s trailer.

Viewers spend the first 20 minutes waiting for Baymax to finally make his appearance, but once he hits the screen, the best thing about “Big Hero 6” rarely leaves the frame, saving the rest of the film.

Incidentally, before “Big Hero 6,” Disney includes a much more complete and very moving short film entitled “Feast,” which focuses on a starving orphaned dog and the love he finds with an owner who adopts him off the street.

Kids will love Winston the puppy as much as they will be begging for a Baymax toy.

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