“Dumb and Dumber To,” the sequel to the 1994 cult classic comedy starring Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels, is one big, long gag.

Unfortunately, the gag’s on the viewers.

Unlike the also poor prequel “Dumb and Dumber: When Harry Met Lloyd,” this 2014 sequel brings back the original stars Carrey and Daniels in order to entice moviegoers into the theater.

A moderate amount of comedy similar to the original can be found in “Dumb and Dumber To,” but there is an added depth of raunchy comedy that takes the film to an all-time low.

The tenor of the humor isn’t the disappointing part; the execution (or general lack thereof) is the film’s biggest flaw.

Jokes fall flat when they can be seen a million miles away and the awkward tension between normal and dumb people that characterized the first film just isn’t to be found in the sequel.

In this way, “Dumb and Dumber To” suffers many of the same flaws that “Anchorman 2” did with its overuse of Steve Carell’s character, Brick Tamland.

This lackluster effort by the writer/director duo of Peter and Bobby Farrelly combined with a Carrey performance set on cruise control isn’t worth the time or money for viewers to see.

Fans of the original film would be best off just waiting until it hits basic cable next year.

Even then, it’s a major disappointment, but at least you won’t have spent any money on it.

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