Now that the final installment of “Night at the Museum” has arrived in theaters, it’s sad to think that this will be the last time that comedy legend Robin Williams will be shown on the big screen.

Sure, we can hear his voice again as Dennis the Dog in the upcoming animated feature “Absolutely Anything,” but it just won’t be the same.

Things aren’t quite the same in “Secret of the Tomb,” the last of the “Night of the Museum” movies pitting Ben Stiller as a bumbling security guard managing exhibits that magically come to life at night.

The story isn’t really relevant and takes a general backseat to the notion, played up in the film itself, that with the death of Williams, this is the end for a heartwarming era in comedy.

Stiller does yeoman’s work in a pair of roles as the driving force propelling the plot forward, while Rebel Wilson of “Pitch Perfect” fame tries a little bit too hard to throw her weight around in a secondary role as a guard at the British Museum.

Through some sort of bittersweet irony, Williams has an incredibly poignant final monologue that is all the more heart-breaking in the larger context.

“Secret of the Tomb” also marks the final film for another cinema legend, the great Mickey Rooney.

While the film itself isn’t up to the standards set by the franchise original, “Secret of the Tomb” will help provide viewers some closure on the loss to two comedy heavyweights.

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