“Home,” the latest animated feature film from DreamWorks Pictures, doesn’t break any new ground in family-friendly entertainment. You can see each and every twist coming from a mile away.

What sets this animated tale of a lost girl and her unlikely alien friend apart is the terrific voice acting work from “Big Bang Theory” star Jim Parsons, whose animated career will surely take off following the success of his pixelated debut this week.

So much of “Home” can be broadly labelled as just OK, successful but generally mediocre — from the plotline viewers can see coming from miles away to an often flat visual style and subpar voice acting from singers Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez, likely done in order to get the popular artists to donate singles to the film’s soundtrack.

Large portions of the end of “Home” take on music video qualities as the story and character dialogue are muted for ambient music selections by both singer/actresses.

What saves “Home” for moviegoers is Parsons, who brings everything fans love about Sheldon, his Emmy-award winning character from television’s “The Big Bang Theory,” to his small alien character Oh.

In a role that had to be written specifically with Parsons in mind, Oh speaks in an adorable Yoda-like broken English that teeters on the edge of annoying without crossing all the way over.

It’s easy to see that the Boovs, the alien race of “Home,” are little more than rip-offs of the widely successful Minions from the “Despicable Me” franchise that are getting their own feature this summer.

Parsons, however, brings the Boovs (and the film in general) out of mediocrity with his affability and charm, giving warmth to Oh that most other voice talent wouldn’t be able to provide.

“Home” isn’t a “Frozen”-like instant animated classic by any means, but for families looking to get out of the house on the weekend, it’s a solid movie sure not to offend or largely disappoint audiences.

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