Not faring well on the independent dramedy circuit is the up-and-down “Adult Beginners” from writer and star Nick Kroll of “The League.”

Boasting a strong cast — including Rose Byrne of “Neighbors” and veteran character actor Bobby Cannavale — the film has flashes of greatness, but never rises above its script, which has a distinct “done too many times before” vibe to it.

It’s easy for viewers to track the predictable “Adult Beginners,” which follows Kroll’s Jake as he loses everything and is forced to move in with his pregnant sister (Byrne) and her husband (Cannavale).

While scenes between Kroll and his young nephew, Teddy, are cute and perhaps the most humorous of the film, truly funny jokes are few and far between as originality in comedy continues to be harder and harder to find.

Probably the biggest flaw in “Adult Beginners” comes from the uneven tone of the film, which makes an incredibly bumpy transition from studio comedy to independent drama in the final act.

Ironically, the film’s closest comparison is the Weinstein Company dramedy “St. Vincent,” which remains a superior version of the same sort of film.

“Adult Beginners” isn’t the best independent dramedy making the rounds right now, especially with 2015 Hill Country Film Festival Cinema Dulce winner “Night Owls” looming on the horizon.

But for those seeking something different while browsing video on-demand selections, “Adult Beginners” is still worth a look.

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