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Zoolander 2: A #Oops of a movie

I feel like ridiculously good looking male model Derek Zoolander. I just don’t know the words. It’s almost impossible to accurately describe what an absolute disaster of a film the Ben Stiller-Owen Wilson sequel Zoolander 2 is. It’s not JUST that people once again weren’t really banging down the doors for a follow-up to the 2001 comedy which saw Stiller catwalk down the runway … Read More Zoolander 2: A #Oops of a movie

No Escape: Where’s the nearest exit?

Pierce Brosnan is trying very hard to revitalize his career, reshaping himself in the mold of Liam Neeson, aging action star. It certainly helps that Brosnan spent a decade in four high profile films as the iconic James Bond, cinema’s longest lasting character, crafting a niche for himself as a classier version of the action star actor. It’s these Brosnan Bond films like “GoldenEye” … Read More No Escape: Where’s the nearest exit?