“The Judge” has a fantastic cast led by Robert Downey Jr. and Robert Duvall along with wonderful cinematography, so why is it so underwhelming?

The fatal flaw in “The Judge” is in an uneven script from Nick Schenk and Bill Dubuque, the sum of which isn’t as good as its individual parts.

A film about relationships blanketed within a courtroom drama, each element of “The Judge” is very well done, but none of the elements fit together.

Duvall and Downey Jr.’s up and down relationship is the heart and soul of “The Judge,” and in that respect, the film works. Scenes that feature the duo alone are the best in the film.

However, it’s the unnecessary placement of Dax Shepherd as a bumbling lawyer assigned to Duvall’s case and Vera Farmiga as Downey Jr.’s ex-girlfriend that overextend the 141-minute film by at least 25 minutes.

“The Judge” is worth a rental for Duvall and Downey Jr.’s performances, but doesn’t hit enough high points to make it worth rushing out to see in theaters.

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